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Azealia Banks Wants to Know Why Nicki Minaj Questions Vaccine

Written by on September 18, 2021

Nicki Minaj has been catching flak for her COVID-19 vaccine comments and now her archenemy Azealia Banks is stepping into the chat to question Nicki’s logic.

On Friday (Sept. 17), Banks shared her opinion on Nicki’s reluctance to get the COVID-19 vaccine by citing fake news as her reasoning. “For as many Black women that have died or had their legs amputated or body parts amputated because of black market butt injects, why do we not have Nicki Minaj questioning that?” Banks said on Instagram, referencing Nicki’s alleged derriere augmentations. “For someone who has lyrics like, ‘Woke up, the price of coke up,’ knowing that 90 percent of the cocaine that comes into the United States is laced with Fentanyl. Like, you wanna encourage your fans to snort Fentanyl as cocaine rather than get a vaccine.”

Banks later added, “I’ve never witnessed this woman be so fucking stupid, and so fucking selfish.”

Nicki has been in the headlines all week after revealing she had COVID-19, but saying she wouldn’t get the vaccine after hearing what turned out to be a fake post-vaccine horror story from Trinidad.

Nicki’s claim got so big, health officials from Trinidad and Tobago came out to deny the authenticity of the rapper’s story. Following social media spats with the likes of Joy-Anne Reid and Piers Morgan, Nicki later claimed she was in Twitter jail possibly due to her comments on the vaccine. “I’m in Twitter jail y’all,” she wrote on her Instagram Story. “They didn’t like what I was saying over there on that block, I guess my poll was gonna be asking questions is OK…I like being fking dumb. Then boom. Can’t tweet.”

Banks seems to get off on slighting Nicki. Back in May, she accused Nicki of being a cocaine user after Nicki went on Instagram Live with the sniffles, which Nicki claimed was due to her constantly being cold.

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