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Fans Express Concern for Famous Dex After He Posts New Video

Written by on December 20, 2020

Famous Dex is again the subject of concern after the Chicago rapper posted a disturbing video of himself on social media.

On Saturday (Dec. 19), the rapper’s name started buzzing online after he uploaded a video of himself performing a new song in his home. People noted the rapper’s frail stature and how he seemed to be highly intoxicated. “#famousdex just posted this 3 hrs ago… i’m at loss for words,” one person commented on the video. “He’s completely out of it, and is looking like a skeleton. He needs help.”

The same day, Dex debuted a new face tattoo, which features the words “Sad” and “Love,” and posted the solemn tweet, “I don’t wanna smile no more.”

Dex’s appearance and posts have fans speaking up with unease and hoping he can find the help he needs. “Prayers for the brother #FamousDex he seems to be struggling with drugs. THIS IS NOT A JOKE OR ANYTHING TO PLAY ABOUT,” one Twitter user noted.

“I don’t know the circumstances, but Famous Dex looks like he’s been using heavy drugs,” another person commented on Twitter. “Dude looks sick, someone help him.”

NLE Choppa has reached out to Dex to show his support, hitting his fellow rapper on FaceTime. “Just had a big FaceTime with my brother @Nlechoppa1,” Dex revealed via Twitter. “Thanks king god is so good.”

Dex has made a new friend in NLE Choppa. A few weeks ago, Choppa made a plea for an intervention for Dex, which Dex positively responded to.

Dex’s struggles with drug abuse have not been a secret. In 2018, he passed out during an Instagram Live session, causing his team to express worry. The following year, he declared he was quitting sipping lean and popping Xanax pills. Later that year, he suffered an epileptic seizure while performing in Los Angeles. Last month, Dex was the suspect in a domestic violence case.

See fans showing concern for Dex following his recent posts below.

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