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Jim Jones Says “F*!k Max B”

Written by on December 6, 2020

If you were hoping for a Jim Jones and Max B reconciliation after seeing Capo and French Montana finally play nice, don’t hold your breath.

Jim was interviewed by Jenny Boom Boom on Dec 4. During the talk, the Dipset member shot down any chance of ever working with his former artist. “Nah, fuck Max B. Max B can suck a dick. Fuck outta here,” Jim replied when asked about the possibly of collaborating with the incarcerated rapper.

According to Jim, the conversation about reconciling with Max is a non-starter. “Nah, people don’t play with me with that conversation,” he added. “Ain’t nobody can tell me nothing about that. That’s the first thing I say [shakes head], ya heard. That’s how you feel, that ends the deal for anybody. No Max talk in my conversation. Period.”

Max B first got mainstream exposure after signing with Jim Jones’ Byrdgang label in the mid-2000s and allegedly having a hand in writing Jones’ biggest hit to date, “We Fly High (Ballin).” Though Jones disputes those claims. The raspy-voice rhymer left the label on bad terms in 2008, claiming Jones had him in a terrible contract. He started his own team, Gain Green, and released a slew of projects that have garnered a cult following. He also became more closely affiliated with French Montana.

In 2009, Max was convicted for his part in a 2006 robbery turned homicide and sentenced to 75 years in prison. He reportedly appealed his conviction and had his charges lowered from murder conspiracy and robbery to aggravated manslaughter in 2016.

Jim Jones has not held any punches about his disdain when it comes to Max over the years. In an interview in 2017, Jones commented Max could “die where he stand.”

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