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Report – Drake and Chris Brown Sued Over ‘No Guidance’ Song

Written by on October 6, 2021

Drake and Chris Brown are being sued for allegedly stealing a singer’s song for their collaborative hit single, “No Guidance.”

According to a report on TMZ, published on Tuesday (Oct. 5), Brandon Cooper (aka Mr. Cooper) and producer Timothy Valentine (aka Drum’n Skillz) filed a copyright infringement lawsuit claiming that Drizzy and Breezy lifted elements from their 2016 ballad “I Love Your Dress” and used them on their 2019 single, “No Guidance.”

In their suit, Cooper and Valentine claim the beat, lyrics, hook and rhythmic structure from their song were allegedly copied or extracted for “No Guidance.” The singer and producer specifically point out that their lyrics, “She got it, she got it,” are repeated 16 times on their song, while Drake and C. Breezy’s “You got it, girl, you got it” are mentioned at least 11 times.

Cooper and Valentine also allege that Drake and Brown taunted them with the “Flew the coop” line, which Cooper claims is in reference to his nickname, Coop.

Cooper and Valentine are seeking monetary damages for the alleged infringement.

“No Guidance” is from C. Breezy’s Indigo album and is certified platinum. The song marks the first time the duo have appeared on a song together since their year-long on-and-off beef that ended in 2019. In November 2020, during an interview on Fat Joe’s podcast, Brown alluded that a joint album was in the works.

“We got some songs. We definitely got some songs…,” Brown told Joe when asked if a Drizzy and Breezy collaborative LP could happen. “It’s definitely gon’ be something that we’re working on that’s gon’ be crazy.”

Let’s hope it comes to fruition.

You can listen to Drake and Chris Brown’s “No Guidance” song and Mr. Cooper’s “I Love Your Dress” track and compare them for yourself below.

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