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These Acoustic Guitar Covers of XXXTentacion Songs Are Amazing

Written by on October 15, 2020

Sometimes you just gotta let the words breathe, and going for an acoustic vibe is a way to do just that, especially with XXXTentacion songs.

After he dropped his first album, 17, three years ago, XXX developed a dedicated fan base and legions of admirers. A lot of them did covers of some of his best songs, picking up a trusty guitar to do so.

Since a lot of the late South Florida rapper’s most famous songs used a string instrument, many of the covers found on YouTube sound very natural, particularly renditions of “Sad!” and “Jocelyn Flores,” which pop up often online. With the lyrics themselves featuring more singing than rapping, XXX’s songs lend themselves well to simple instrumentation, and fans have made the best out of the chance to cover his tunes.

These covers of XXXTentacion songs are done by women and men equally, with each person using a different vocal approach to the platinum-selling artist’s music. For some tracks, the vocalists use a more soft, pristine approach while others, usually the ones delivered by men, feature a more guttural, scratchy style at play. Both work when it comes to covers of music from XXX, who died after being shot and killed in a robbery in 2018.

The MC, most recognized for his ability to excel in both singing and rapping, wasn’t on the scene for all that long, but it’s clear he made an impact in his brief time on the rap world’s main stage. With a knack for channeling emotion across varied sonic textures, it’s no wonder why he’s received so much praise both before and after his tragic death. These covers are labors of love.

Today, XXL highlights some of the best acoustic XXXTentacion covers on the internet. Check them out for yourself below.

  • “Jocelyn Flores”

    Vict Molina

  • “Depression and Obsession”


  • “Fuck Love,” “Sad!” and “Jocelyn Flores”

    Paddy Phelps

  • “Falling Down”

    Andrew Garcia

  • “Jocelyn Flores”

    Eddie van der Meer

  • “Sad” and “Changes”

    Carmen Mena

  • “I Don’t Let Go”

    A.J. Sandlin

  • “Save Me”

    Emmanuel Nwamadi

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