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Wack 100 Calls Out Meek Mill for Not Fighting 6ix9ine

Written by on February 15, 2021

Wack 100 has offered his thoughts and opinions on Meek Mill and 6ix9ine‘s recent verbal altercation in a parking lot while in Miami.

On Sunday (Feb. 14), the California native uploaded an Instagram video, in which he’s calling Meek out for not fighting Tekashi, who allegedly popped up on Meek. He captioned the clip, “🐀1- 🎤0 IF YOUR WORRIED ABOUT THE CONSIQUENCE OF A BEEF STOP BEEFING.”

“All you suckas and cowards making excuses, fuck that,” Wack began in his 8-minute long IG clip. “The rat’s up one. Microphones is zero. Rappers is zero.”

He continued: “Everybody seen what happened. Now, let’s set the muthafuckin‘ table right now. This is real shit. ‘Cause I’m tired of muthafuckas, like, selective politicking. You wanna change the channel when you wanna change the channel. Nah, nigga. Nah. All you niggas, yo lyrics, the way you carry yourself, you pop that shit, when the ball in your court, but when it’s go time, nigga, it’s go time.”

Wack went on to revisit when Safaree claimed he was almost jumped by Meek Mill‘s crew during BET Awards weekend in Los Angeles ahead of the network’s annual award show back in 2017. Safaree dated Nicki Minaj for years prior to Nicki getting into a relationship with Meek.

The hip-hop manager said, “Check this out, I watched niggas chase down Safaree—a non-affiliate. A non-affiliate, very humble individual. That shit pissed me off. I watched niggas chase Safaree down. You Black Lives Matter, niggas. Another Black man. Safaree don’t bang. He ain’t did nothing to nobody. He ain’t did no diss. He ain’t did shit. But I watched niggas, BET Weekend, chase Safaree down. That was gangsta, right? OK. Now this little dude, the rat dude. Y’all know who I’m talking ‘bout. He minding his business or whatever he doing and the rapper addresses him.”

Wack 100 went on to say that rappers who talk about engaging in street activity in their music need to walk the walk since they’re talking the talk. “Listen, with anything we do with this shit we call this gangsta shit, if you a muthafuckin dope dealer, you accept the fact nigga would come with that,” he told his 300,000 IG followers. “Whole lot of money, whole lot of time, whole lot of killing, whole lot of telling, everything that comes with that, you accept that, nigga…I don’t wanna hear that niggas don’t wanna go back to jail. Fuck all that. Then keep yo muthafuckin‘ mouth shut, nigga. Don’t address the rat. Don’t talk like it’s on with the rat. If you gon pick and choose when it can be on…It’s just that simple. Whatever comes with it, comes with it.”

Wack then spoke on the verbal exchange between Meek and Tekashi, which ended up going viral online over the weekend. “Nigga pulled up, spitting out his mouth, talking greasy,” he opined. “Nigga, that’s a disgrace to that city you from, nigga. And it’s real niggas out here and I’m tired of you niggas wanting to selective politic…If you worried about the police, nigga, stop addressing the nigga. Anything that incites violence, keep your muthafuckin‘ mouth shut if you worried about the police, nigga.”

Wack 100 later added, “6ix9ine won that one. I don’t give a fuck. Ol boy, if you worried about going back to jail, leave that man alone. I suggest you press restart right the fuck now. Stop addressing 6ix9ine, stop addressing Akademiks, don’t say nothing. Don’t say shit if you ain’t ready and willing, nigga, to jump in that fire when it get hot.”

As previously reported, 6ix9ine and Meek engaged in a heated exchange in the parking lot of Kimodo restaurant in Miami, in which both members of their security had to intervene. Both rappers taunted each other with their security between them while the artists spewed insults.

Meek and Tekashi have been at odds ever since the Dream Chasers Records CEO called out the rainbow-haired rapper for testifying during the trial for his firearms and racketeering case. 6ix9ine’s testimony helped to lessen his sentence and put away his former Nine Trey Gangsta Blood gang associates.

6ix9ine later attempted to expose Meek Mill and a number of other rappers via Instagram Live.

Check out Wack 100’s full video below.

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